Limited 2020 Special Offer At Horse Lover's Bunkhouse
3 Riders, 3 Horses, 3 Days
VALUE $774.55  48% OFF only $371.85   

In The End
We Only Regret
The Special Rides
We Didn't Take.

To Reserve Your 2020 Dates  
3 Riders - 3 Horses - 3 Days
and save 48% 
near Burwell, NE 

Give Your Horse Good Energy...
Create Harmony...
Gain Confidence...
Relax, Rejuvenate...
Have Fun With Friends!

RESERVE Your 2020 Dates at 
Horse Lovers Bunkhouse
by Feb 28th, 2020 with a $129 DEPOSIT
to get this SPECIAL OFFER! 

VALUE $774.55 48% OFF only $371.85
Here's What You Get :

  • ​One Hour Horsemanship Lesson for group - Value $100 FREE                If all you want to do is trail ride that is fine too!
  • ​ GUIDED TRAIL RIDES 2 Hours/Day Value $30/hour x 6 = $180  FREE
  • $10.00 OFF on Horse Stall Fees -  2 Nights $30 - Only $20/horse
  • ​Bunkhouse T-Shirt - Value $15.95/each x 3 = $47.85  FREE
  • ​ Laying A Foundation Booklet (Horsemanship is Way More Than Just Riding) - Value $19.95/each x 3 =$59.85  FREE
  • ​20% off Sherry's Book "Win Your Horses Heart" $19.95  for $14.95 ea  
  • ​Coupon 10% Off Regular Priced Items at Dry Creek Western Wear
  • ​​Bunkhouse for 3 people $120/night x 2 nights =$240 + tax $267
  • ​Group of 3 Total $774.55 - 48% OFF only  $371.85
  • Add a 4th person to the 2 Night Stay Only $105.15 extra - Total $477 
  • ​Less than $120/person for 3 days of fun and learning with 4 riders
  • ​​Extra Lessons $100/hour for group... Private Lesson $33/hour
  • ​Reserve Your Dates with a $129 Deposit by Feb 28th.
  • ​If you add a 4th person a $159 Deposit is required.
  • Check our Calendar for Available Dates
  • ​​If any one in the group cancels the price stays the same.
  • ​Deposit is non-refundable.
  • ​If you want to come by yourself... maybe you only have one friend or more than two friends...... I will work out a SPECIAL OFFER for you...remember with friends it is more fun and affordable. 
  • PLEASE FILL OUT THE INFO for this offer...or to get a SPECIAL QUOTE for more or less than 3 people and 3 days. 
  • Every Experience is Individualized to Meet Your Needs!
Lois on the right in the above pic says: Sherry Jarvis horsemanship is a great time with improving your relationship with your horse as well as learning and a wonderful time away from the work world. I have gone for a week for the past 12 years and drive 7.5 hours to get there. Have brought friends along and they have returned also. Well worth your time if you want to spend time enjoying your horse in a beautiful setting.
We Respect Your Privacy & Information 
When you submit your information I will NOT bug you
 or send 100's of emails to your inbox. I HATE that... 
and don't have time to do it anyway... I'd rather ride my horse! 


Send Deposit
To Secure your Reservation
by Feb 28th To
$129 for 3 people
$159 for 4 people

Or Send Deposit by Check to
Sherry Jarvis
82507 465th Ave.
Burwell, NE 68823


  • Add 1 extra night in the bunkhouse (3 Total) 10% off 3rd night Only $108 + tax $119 Add $15 for a 4th person
  • Add 2 extra nights in Bunkhouse (4 total) 15% off 4th night Only $102 + tax $113 Add $15 for a 4th person
  • ​No extra deposit required when adding additional days to your reservation.
  • ​​Get another 2 hour guided trail ride FREE . $60 Value for every night you add. 
  •  If you want to come by yourself or with one friend or more than two friends we can make that work too! 
  • ​PLEASE put in your INFO ABOVE  even if you want a special offer for more or less than 3 riders. I will write up a quote for you according to your needs. 

3 Riders, 3 Horses, 3 Days
VALUE $774.55  48% OFF only $371.85   

About Sherry


Sherry Jarvis has been riding horses since she was four years old. She competed in rodeos and horse shows for years and gave lessons in the summer time. She quit her teaching job 16 years ago to become a full time horsemanship trainer and instructor. She specialized in starting horses and working with problem horses for years. However she has slowed down from that part of the business, she now focuses on riding instruction.
With access to over 20,000 acres of beautiful sandhills to ride Horse Lover's Bunkhouse is a popular spot...
People like to come for a time of relaxation and fun, as well as gain more confidence and better harmony with their horse through Sherry's individualized and unique teaching skills.  


" of the most important Books 
I've read"

I have the last 15 pages to go before finishing your book, but I already know that it's one of the most important ones I've read. AND I'VE READ 'EM ALL!!!!! I wanted to congratulate you on your enormous, significant contribution to the wealth of equine training/behavioral literature out there. My own personal opinion is that the reason there "needs" to be so many different "how-to" books on empathetic horsemanship is that the most critical first phase to those books is either always missing, or certainly nowhere nearly as well written and cogently presented as you have done in your new book. That missing element is the entire change in THINKING and BEING that is absolutely necessary before all the very best intentioned techniques can have any hope of effectiveness, let alone success. I'm about to order 10 more copies as (necessary) gifts. I thank and applaud you again.

"...I had a wonderful 
time and learned 
so much!"

I had a wonderful time and learned so much! You have ridden with many of the best horsemen in the world
and your knowledge shows that you are an excellent horsewomen. Anyone that is interested in riding with the big name horsemen should consider riding with Sherry.
She has a wonderful horse lovers bunkhouse and you will gain lots of knowledge without having to pay the big prices.
You showed me how ground work can really improve my feel, timing and relationship with my hoses and carry over to riding. Of course I will be doing more groundwork with all my horses. I could really see how it improved my horse Skip! I am excited about all the new exercises I learned!" 

"...Thank you for helping me to begin discovering the passions... "

 I enjoyed our time together IMMENSELY and your teaching reaches farther than you may think.. I am amazed at how when one is all caught up in the "busy-ness" of the modern world, one becomes quite out of touch with themselves. Even removed from their true passions in life.
The time with you and my horse put me back in touch with something valuable I lost years ago. I am now searching for ways to bring nature and quality contact with horses back in my life. I admire how you have successfully made your passion your work. Thank you for helping me to begin discovering the passions that were lost somewhere in this crazy world.

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Spirit Horse Retreats

This is NOT about horse riding lessons, it is about seeing analogies between the relationship and leadership we have with a horse and the relationship and leadership we have with God as our leader. It will be spiritually uplifting, with singing, prayer, Bible study, and interacting with horses on the ground, and while in the saddle. Sat. night we will go to the Grace Family Fellowship service, or if you want some quiet time by yourself that would be fine as well. 

Equine Raindrop Demonstrations 

Sherry will travel to teach about the Equine Raindrop Technique and the Benefits to small groups of people or at Horse Events such as Expos and Clinics.
 You can request a demo while you are visiting the Horse Lover's Bunkhouse.
Or Have one performed on your own horse. 

Want to ride like you did years ago???

You know with complete comfort and then jumping off after a long ride and not needing to work out all the kinks or take pain killers?
You know with the kind of energy that says, let's keep going to see what's over the next hill... instead of saying, "I'm too tired... let's head back." 
Listen to my story below
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